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Getting to Know You ...January 7


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When I went on weight watchers point system it worked for me. It wasn't fast but it was fairly easy to stick with. I lost 32 pounds.

Then once with Johnny his biscuits and gravy every night put the weight back on me. Working where I had to walk a lot and drinking a of water took part of it off again.

Now my eating habits are terrible. I eat what I want when I have time. Sometimes that amounts to one meal a day. Once in a while I feel guilty and get a couple of good salads but for the most part I eat on the run and that is usually a hamburger or sub. I haven't lost any more weight but I don't gain either so I guess I am not doing too bad after all.

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For me, like if I have a chocolate chip cookie. I will break off little pieces and eat them one at a time. The smaller the pieces the less calories the cookie has.

If I have a piece of cake, I do the same thing. I eat little forkfuls. I savor every single tiny little bite until it is all gone. Smaller forkfuls and breaking cookies into little pieces instead of big bites is what saves on calories for me! :P

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Well for me I have found that every little bit helps. For example, I heard somewhere that we should take 5,000 steps a day. So now I park farther away at work so that it takes me more steps to get in the building and the same when I shop etc. I quit the fries with a sandwich at lunch, and switched to the new select low carb beers. It all adds up and little things keep the weight off. When I do exercise I like step aerobics--there is a class starting tomorrow and I am trying to talk my daughter into going with me.

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