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how do I do this, please help?


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The wake is wesnsday the funeral is thursday. I do not if i can do this. I am hurting so much that I can't function. I feel sick to my stomac. I can beleive that my dear mom is gone. I keep reliving her last momemt and her last breath of air. That's all I can think about. And it hurts.



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Martha...I don't have anything to say that will make all of this any easier for you but please know that I am saying prayers and asking God to give you strength to make it through these tough days ahead of you.

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Just breathe, that is all you can expect from yourself right now honey. Do not place expectations on yourself that you must talk to people and socialize. You just lost your mom and it sounds like you are having some pretty sad visions in your head.

Do you pray? If so, ask God to help you get through this. HE will. Your family and friends will be there to hold you up, or carry your pork chop as they say around here.

Here are some hugs for you. I will pray for you to get through the next few days. Be patient with yourself and others. Prayers honey..

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Hi Martha,

I know how hard it is but think of it as the last thing you can do for your Mom. I like to think that my Mom was there watching and was proud of what I did for her to honor her. It helped me to write the eulogy myself to tell everyone hoe great my Mom was and what she meant to me. Strength and courage to you to get thru the coming days. Janet

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Martha -

I just went through my mom's memorial on Friday. It was so uplifting. I know my mom is free from pain and that her soul is soaring. The only way you get through it -- is to go through it. Try to focus on the good memories, cry lots and talk as much as you can. I CAN relate and it is excruciating...I miss my mom so much and I can't believe she is gone.

You will be in my prayers.


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Martha, I am so sorry for you pain. But you will get through this. That is what you mom would want.

Take support from family and friends. Lean on them, that is what they are there for, to help you cope.

Please know that we also are here for you.

Prayers sent to you and your family. You can do this.

My deepest condolences to you!!


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It always helped me to get into a hot shower and zone out. As I did, my thoughts would wander and I would start to bawl. Never could separate the tears from the water.. Had my best cries in the shower and always felt a bit better when I was all dried off.

We know your pain. So sorry dear.

Cindi o'h

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