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Blood work

ma's kid

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Hi everyone...

My mom has been really fatigued lately and seems to be getting more tired everyday. She completed her chemo/rad approx two months ago and did quite well for the first month but just doesn't seem to be getting her energy back. She's losing weight too. Her appetite just has not returned like before. We finally convinced her to go see her primary care for some blood work. I am hoping that she's just anemic but I don't know if the anemia can crop up *after chemo/rad* Actually, I am praying that whatever is going on is anything but the cancer coming back! (last scan was pretty good, things were stable or gone)

We should get the results in a day to two and I would be so appreciative of some prayers and good thoughts.

It's hard cuz I don't live close by but talk to her daily and some days she sounds better than others but I know something is going on..she hasn't been out of the house in a week! I am leaving Thursday to go spend a few days with her. I have to see her with my own two eyes and get to the bottom of what's going on and then we will deal with it.

It scares me because she has said..NO MORE CHEMO, EVER! I know it's her decision..sorry I am rambling and getting way ahead of myself.

This is such a roller coaster...

Prayers for all


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I know exactly how you feel....it sounds as if we have the same situation. It would be so nice to live closer so we could just check on our Moms periodically during the day. Or after a phone call when you know something just doesn't seem right.

I'm glad to hear you are taking a few days to go see for yourself what is really going on.

I'm praying for you and your Mom.

Stay strong and please let us know how she's doing.(And you too)

Warm Hugs,


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Low Counts are normal ands can be treated with Injections for red and white or possibly a transfusion. Good Luck And saying a prayer for you and your family.

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You guys are just the best! Thank you!

I emailed her rad/onc and he emailed me back and wants to see her this week, so I called her and she will make an appointment with his office. Not sure if he *already* knows the results of the lab work but I feel better knowing he will see her.

Again, thank you so much...you all have a way of making things brighter.

My prayers continue for all of us.


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Doesn't it just help sometimes to know that there is 'someone' at the other end of the keyboard?? Perhaps they have no answers....but someone is THERE! I find that very comforting. The folks here really GET it and are the BEST!

Glad about that appointment too!


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Will be awaiting the results of the lab work and the onc. when she goes to see him.

Treatment can wipe a person out. She just all but was killed, so it will take a long time to bounce back. They told me that it would be a year until I felt like my old self again.

Hope this helps.

All the cells have to start over again...most all the cells anyway. Takes alot of energy to do all that work.

Cindi o'h

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