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Rachael 17 years old

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I wanted to update all of you on Rachael's progress.

Rachael was finally discharged from the hospital last night at 8:30 PM. It was a late night for them getting home, but she was excited about sleeping in her own bed. (She has been back in the hospital since Fri. Jan 13th--her grandparents took her this time) Unfortunately, she only gets a few days at home and we're headed back down. I will be taking Rachael and Renea back down to Hopkins Friday morning. Rachael will be getting the "nasty" chemo Fri and Sat nights. This is the Doxorubicin/Cisplatin treatment that makes her really sick.

We have a benefit spaghetti dinner scheduled at the Cresaptown Eagles on Sunday, Feb. 12th. There will be great food and tons of raffles! Rachael is hoping to be there for a short while, but it's possible that she may have her surgery to remove the tumor in her leg the week prior to the dinner. We'll see.

Rachael's school is doing a benefit concert tomorrow. A group of students at her school have their own band, "Exit 42", and they will be performing during the last two class periods of the day.

Please keep her in your prayers--she is having a rough time. Her sister continues to update her caringbridge website. I write on it constantly.

Here is a link to the site. Send her a note, I know she would love it. She sounds like a very charming little girl.


God BLess,


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