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They Haven't Lost to Lung Cancer....

Fay A.

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We've lost their physical presence, but as far as our friends losing their battles against Lung Cancer.......well, I don't see it that way. They haven't lost. They fought The Beast with all they had, and killed it in the end, though it cost them their lives. The way they lived makes them heroes to me.

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Fay, you are soooooo wise. I never looked at it that way but - WOW - you are so right. Thank you. I don't know what we would do without your kind heart and rational reasoning. You really do help me keep things in perspective and I am very grateful for that. You are in my prayers - let me know if you need anything.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Fay, that is exactly how I feel, so when Mum died, I wrote at the end of my signature 'Mum ended her battle'.....because that's the way I see it. She didn't 'lose' a fight, she fought with everything she had until she was done with it.

Thanks for highlighting this issue. It's important.

Love Karen

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I posted this in a thread a few down but thought it fit your post so incredibly well that I would post it here too. I found this while searching for information on treatment options and it really gave me some much need perspective. It not "winning" the battle its "fighting it" that counts! And everyone who fights it is indeed a hero -- God Bless them all!

A Poem by Paul Cox

"He lost the battle to

cancer," you say.

Cancer's the winner?

Do you see it that way?

To die is to lose?

Is that how it ends?

So then can you tell me,

Does anyone win?

Death comes to all,

So everyone loses?

Why play the game

If that's how it is?

I fail to see it

That way at all.

Play the game how you want

You make the call.

When it's the end

Only you and God know

If you win or lose

And which way you'll go.

So don't tell me I lost

for that is a lie.

It's how you live

Not how you die.

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Perfect Poem! Years ago when I was first diagnosed I told myself that I would win my personal war against Lung Cancer no matter what happened. And I have made it a point to live my life as if I were going to do exactly that: WIN against Lung Cancer. I do not accept the idea of losing to this Beast. If the only way I can eventually kill the disease is to deny it a host then that is what will be. But I will NEVER lose to Lung Cancer. And I don't think any of those who have gone before me lost their battles, either. They are not losers...by any definition.

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