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WBC too low for chemo

Ellen B.

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I know there must be more posts on this subject, but I can't find them.

Henks white blood counts are way too low for chemo right now. I'm amazed and a little worried about this.

Henk is feeling okay and yet his counts are not. Is this 'normal'?

It's not the first time that this is happening! Is it possible to do something about it?


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Ellen about all they can do is give a shot to help make more blood count's. My wife had that problem along with placlet's being to low. Them my wife's red blood cell's would drop and she would have to recieve blood transfusion's. Sad to say it generally is a result of the month's of Chemo and it also has to also do with Chemo type given.

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This is a very normal occurance with Chemo. White blood counts tend to drop as the chemo kills healthy cells along with cancer cells. There are shots that can be given (can not remember the name and I am sure someone on the board can tell you) that is given to try and boost the WBC. Until they come back up though, probably no chemo.

Alan also had drops in his Red blood cells that requried blood transfusions and his platellet levels also dropped, which required platellet transfusions.

Sorry you are facing this bump in the road, but it is also a "normal" occurance with chemo.

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