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Mom Update


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Hey Guys:

Hope you remember me, I am here everyday just don't post, but here just the same. I have been reading all the losses and it has hit me in a big way. I never really know what to say except that this disease so totally sucks and I HATE it!!! :cry:

Well, now on to my Mom, she had her second round of chemo and had a 75% reduction from it. We were at her oncs yesterday and now he is talking just palliative radiation and what not stating that once the cancer has come back that it always will. I do not know what to think of that. I have read on here some that have had a recurrence and they are cancer free now, but up here in the "Great White North" (yeah right :roll: ) we don't seem to be able to get all the treatment options as you can down in the States. I am disgusted to say the least. The onc said he can notice a slight increase in her lung from x-ray and scheduled a CT for next week. She has developed kind of a stagger and slur to her words when she is quite tired or really cold so he wants to check things out and see how the lung is doing etc. He said that her lungs were clear and her weight is up and no other problems to speak of.

I don't know guys, any thoughts?!!

Love and prayers for all of you always,


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Well, Deb, I am no SCLC expert. I am sorry your onc is sounding negative as well. The only suggestion I could make would be to have a brain MRI. The slurred speech and stagger could be indicative of brain mets. NOT NECESSARILY so, but I believe this should be ruled out at this point.

And of course we all remember you. I always remember you beautiful Mother. I hope your onc can become more of an advocate OR perhaps you could find another???? I feel one's medical team should be optimistic regardless of WHERE one is living, ya know?

Good luck and come around and spend a little more time with us :wink: .


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Hi Deb,

I've followed your Mom's story with much interest. In fact, I was wondering about you a week or so ago and almost put an APB out on you guys!

Last we knew, your Mom was on Cis/VP-16 again as a second line chemo and was responding. Your profile states her 4th and final chemo was in November. So I'm guessing the Cis/VP-16 combo stopped working and she started a third line chemo. You mention she is on her second round of chemo and had a 75% reduction from it. Is this 75% reduction of the small nodule that was left? What chemo is she receiving now?

I know in Canada the public health care that is offered is different than our private health insurance in the states. I read today the Cisplatin/VP16 regimen remains an oncological bargain at $250.00 per infusion. I don't know if this has anything to do with anything, just thought I would throw it out there.

I'm secretly stalking Schmaydee :wink:, anxiously waiting to hear how he's doing in his Cloretazine clinical trial. As of his last update, his recurrence was reduced by 80% and may have been gone. The nice guy that he is, I'm confident he'll let us know the final result as soon as he knows.

As far as SCLC goes, my Dad's onc is very pessimistic in regards to a recurrence. When and if my Dad has a recurrence, if the Cloretazine trial proves successful, I'm going to beg, scratch or bribe someone to get my Dad into it. If not, our poison of choice would be Cisplatin and Camptosar as a second line treatment, even if it means we change oncologists. Him and I have an agreement, if it recurs, we will seek a second opinion and possibly transfer his treatment to a large university cancer center.

Please let us know how your Mom's CT scan turns out. I know this is very scary and frustrating for you. Memorize CindyRN's profile. It's doable, the answer is out there, we just have to find it! Best wishes to your Mom, I hope and pray she's able to achieve remission again.

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Don, Sam, Beth, Ginny, Sheri, Anais and Kasey thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it! :)

I have great news. :D They have nailed down what is wrong and it is not brain mets. It's her electrolytes. She is on fluid restriction now and they said in about a week, she will be feeling better and they will retest her electrolytes then. What a relief!!

Sheri--actually she has only had the two rounds of chemo. They are talking mild rad now for paliative. There is none, or not much growth as per x-ray, so I guess it is stable for now. Although, I would like to see them do something before things are out of hand and the CT will go ahead as planned. Sadly, up here in Canada we really can not switch around doctors all that much. Getting her a new one would be quite difficult as her current onc would have to refer her. I think that I might speak with her GP though and see what happens there. I am secretly stalking Schmaydee too... :!: LOL...glad to hear I am not the only one!! I have spoken to her onc about Cloretazine and I am going to try and push it further.

Thanks everyone and a great one.

Love and prayers,


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