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Question to menapausal women..


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Stay away Frank!!

Katie, did not know where to post this. Please move it if you don't want it here.

This has nothing to do with LC, but just a question as there are so many women there who might have an answer.

I really have bad sweats and moodswings from Menapause and I opted to take hormones. I first took Premphase for 2 years, now he switched me to Prempro. All my paps and mammos have been fine.

I just read some nightmare about prempro and I really hate some of the side effects. It is really scaring me and I would like to go off.

What I am asking is, if anyone has really found relief from the over the counter stuff. If so what is it?

I am so torn as to continue this or go off and be miserable.

Thanks for your imput.


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Sorry that you're suffering with the hot flashes and mood swings. They can be brutal. I never tried the over the counter pills but did get wondeful relief from bio-identical progesterone cream. I was prescibed this by a local physician and it was prepared at a compounding pharmacy. I believe it is available online but don't know about the quality or efficacy.

If you do a search for progesterone cream you'll find several web sites that will provide you with quite a bit of info.

Good luck and I hope you find something that will help you and won't cause any additional health risks.



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I don't understand this cream thing. I never heard of it. Do you inject that into your privates? :roll: Everyday... wouldn't that interfer with your sex life? :shock: If not where do you put the cream??? :?:


Maryanne :wink:

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Put it anywhere you want, but not "down below".

I rubbed it on my bellly or arms and in the summer I used it on my legs after a shower.......saved on the body lotion!

You only use about a teaspoon of the one I bought.

There are usually directions on the jar or bottle.


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I have found that plain old exercise works for me. The more I exercised, the less the hot flashes came. I also used the black cohosh a little, but you need to keep using continously for up to 2 months, but I kept forgetting to take it.

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