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Elbow Pain????


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Mom has been having pain in her elbow and thumb. Back in 1999 she had a lumpectomy and around 30 lympnodes taken out of that arm. She was never suppose to be given chemo in that arm. Well, when all the veins in the other arm blew they gave her chemo in that arm. So you think that could be the problem? We are praying that the cancer has not spread to that area. She goes back to the Dr. next Monday for her 2nd round of scans since starting tarceva. Please remember her in your prayers. Other than her elbow pain she is doing great and still working full time. Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

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They do not want the arm used for BP checks or IVs because the removal of lymph nodes increases the risk of lymphedema in that arm.

If all of the veins in her "good" arm are bad, is there any reason she cannot have a port installed in her chest? It makes chemo much easier and less time-consming, provided all the nurses are trained to use a port. Even if the patient goes to the ER, the port should be accessed instead of looking for a vein. It cannot be used for CT contrast injections, though, because it cannot sustain the pressure needed for the bolus injection of contrast (or so I am told via the literature sent home with Mom).

I would go for the port, hands down.


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The arn where the lymph nodes were removed

should never be used for blood tests or

blood pressure test or any injection.

There are bracelets that sge could wear on her

arm for that.

They are free


or 1-800-29-EDEMA

what I do in the hospital is use a red marker

and write on the arm,''DONT USE THIS ARM''

plus wearing the Alert:lymphedema bracelet.

A Port should be installed right now to protect

her from more harm.........

When will they learn ?????????

Best of luck


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