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Waiting for Results


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Hello Friends,

I am waiting for CT results Mon. morning, and so very anxious. Last week at this time I was in the ER getting hydrated from vomiting. So at least I am keeping the food down now. But I have no appetite. I force myself to eat, and with each bite I feel excrutiating pain in my chest and top of my stomach. My sisters and husband are very concerned because I have lost 20 pounds. They took me to the grocery store to pick out foods that I might eat. I can't eat meat. I can't eat anything without pain. The one thing that I can eat without too much pain is buttercream icing! So we bought cake. I know all about the sugar thing...but I will eat whatever goes in. It really scares me that I will waste away, or end up with a feeding tube. I am feeling so puny latelty. I just pray to God I can withstand the surgery! I just needed to vent.


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My prayers for good results on your scan and successful surgery. I am very grateful that, when I have a chest CT scan every four weeks, my doctor has the results within an hour and goes over it with me at that time. The "system" needs to be changed so that people dealing with this disease don't have to be further hindered with the stress of waiting for results.

Peace and blessings,


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