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Getting to Know You - April 6


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I believe that we live in a society that is too accepting. We watch things happen and don't speak out when we see something that is not right. We let the loud demands of the few take away the rights of the many who don't make a big fuss.

Most people have become indifferent to the hurts and problems of others. Everyone complains but no one is willing to stand up and say "we're not going to take it anymore".

It doesn't matter if it is politics, religion or the treatment or mistreatment of the elderly. Everyone can make at least a small difference but you can't do it if you stick your head in the sand and just hope those issues will just go away.

If we don't start caring enough about what is happening to others someday we will wake up and see that we are the ones that no one is standing up for but by then it may be too late.

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I have become very opinionated about the lack of customer service in our country. I am so sick of going to a store, spending my hard earned money, only to be treated rudely by a sales person. This is a common topic of conversation with people anymore. It seems no one is concerned as to whether the consumer gets good, quality service. It really doesn't matter what we're spending out money for....services, food or merchandise. People just don't seem to care. Some would say that their lack of consideration is because they are not well paid. Wrong. I have worked for a lot less hourly wage that most of these people are being paid and I never thad this attitude. For a long time, I would just hide my head in the sand and make excuses for poor customer service by these employees...but no more. When I feel the service I have been given is not up to par, I let my opinion be known. It's so scary to think that we are going to be senior citizens in a country that will eventually be run by a society that has this "don't care" attitude.

OK...I'll step off my soap box now. Next up......

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I agree with Ginny. As a teacher, I find that parents will not allow their children to be responsible for their actions. Oh, no. Many parents want absolutely no consequences for their children when something goes wrong. It is always someone else's fault. Well, someday, these parents will find that they can no longer protect their child from things and that's going to be a rude awakening for these children. Isn't it better that children start learning about consequences when they are young and the "infractions" are minor than ........

Thanks for listening.

gail p-m

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As a hole, the world stinks and should be wiped out!!! :P

with Charmin or Scott or something else that doesn't clog the drains. :P

Try not to get too shook up about anything these days... not good for me... I get perturbed about stuff but try to forget about it. Does me no good to fuss. Poor old bod can't handle the stress...!

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