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Sore scalp....


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A very sensitive sore scalp was one of my big bothers after chemo. I had long hair which may have contributed to the discomfort when the hair came out. My scalp hurt more than any other chemo side effect. None of the nurses could make a suggestion and one onc i asked ignored me all together. I guess they don't know what to suggest for help so are silent. Yes, it is a problem and I feel for your mom. My husband shaved my head and that helped tremendously instead of letting it come out slowly. I wish i had know sooner into chemo to have it cut off. my best wishes and prayers for your mom. pammie

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I, too had a sore scalp when my hair began to fall out and found some relief in shaving it off. Once shaved I got small, red irritations at the hair line, I believe these came from the rough wig liners. I finally got some relief by washing my scalp daily with a mild shampoo and after drying it applying a coat of Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion followed by a layer of heavy duty sunscreen. I also gave up the wigs in favor of cotton hats except when I leave the house.

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I remember my scalp tingling-kind of like a light burning sensation.

The first time it happened-hair coming out-I went to the beauty shop and had them cut it short. It all fell out later-within a few weeks.

The second time I sat on the back porch and ran my hands thru it and let it blow off in the wind. The birds used it that spring for nests I believe :D:D

Some of you may remember Jennifer from out near Washington DC, she and I laughed about that one. She did the same thing.


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Hi everyone, I just have one quick question?

I finally talked my mom into cutting her hair short and shaving it all off. Problem is her hair is growing back and she is wondering if she needed to keep shaving the stubble or let it grow? Her scalp is feeling better without hair but, will it get sore as new hair comes in? Thanks for any help you give me..Jessica

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My mom also has a sensitive scalp from chemo. Mild shampoo helped her as well like others mentioned. To reduce or eliminate the irritation from wearing wigs, hats and scarves, there is a catalogue called "tlc" (somehow associated with the American Cancer Society) -- in that catalogue there are soft scalp liners that provide protection for the sensitive scalp and also help reduce the slipping around of hats and such on a hair-challenged head.

Don't know about the regrowth question.

Hope this helps,


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