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Hospice/Nurse Care

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Hi Everyone,

I need your help again. My good friend's little sister (who is only 22) is in need of some help in the home. Her mom is being sent home tomorrow from the hospital and she feels she can no longer care for her mom on her own. My friend (who is her older sister) is in the hospital right now 2 hours away (just had a baby) so she can't help right now. Their Medicare application for their Mom is in process (they have no insurance), but the hospital won't refer any home care because they don't officially have Medicare intact yet. Anyone have any advice? Right now their mom is probably prematurely being sent home. Her speech and mobility is impaired and they are no longer treating her. This just doesn't seem right to me.

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Hi Natalie,

Couple of suggestions...have your friend speak to the social worker *or* case manager at the hospital to see if someone can get the ball rolling for a temporary Medicare card. I am not positive there is such a thing but there may be. I personally don't know the ins and outs but there must be *something* they (case manager or social worker) can do..especially if she is unable to care for herself. First of all, it sounds like there may be a safety issue and the Discharge Planner (person that makes all the necessary arrangements for a patient to be discharged..with the orders from the doc) should also be working on this. A hospital cannot discharge a patient if there is no one to care for the patient if the doc feels he/she needs assistance.

I would also suggest she speak with her mom's physician in person, if possible or at least call his/her office.

Hope this all works out...I know someone here will come along with more helpful suggestions.



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Has she spoken to anyone at the hospital stating that there will not be any help at home. Can she be entitled to some care through the state? Does she own her home? What about the local charities like Catholic Social Services, Senior groups in the area,American cancer society, was the husband a vet?

The daughter should be very adamant on the mother can not be released until there is adequate care provided. The Mom may have to say I can not go home now.

Home care will not be enough they will only come in 3 times a week at most I think, possibly a skilled nursing facility would be better choice. If she can get the doctor to send her mother to a skilled nursing facility.

Does the sister have another person that can go with her to the hospital to help support her?


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I am so sorry to hear about your friend's mom. I have been meaning to ask how she is doing.

Do they want to hire private care in the interim? Possibly try calling local churches or synagogues and asking if they have any references to home health nurses or caretakers. I know that is what my uncle did for my grandparents a few years ago.

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