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Cookbook clearance sale ends May 9!!!---Update: Amt raised


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From now till May 9, free shipping and handling on cookbook orders in the US & 50% off shipping to Canada!

Instructions on ordering are in a sticky at the top of this forum.

If you plan on snail-mailing your order, please PM me or e-mail me at andrea@lchelp.org so I can pre-package.

Shipping is done via media mail, so it can take 10-14 days to receive your order. If you need faster delievery, please let me know and we can arrange it for a small extra free.

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I recently received my cookbook and I've read every recipe. I can't wait to actually make some of them. They all look GREAT!

Unfortunately I've been so busy lately that I haven't gotten a chance to grocery shop in weeks, and I didn't see a recipe in the book that makes something wonderful out of baking soda, mustard and one mushy brown apple. :lol:

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Received my cookbooks and they are just beautiful. I want to thank everyone who took the time to donate recipes and time to this project. To you Andrea, a huge hug and a thank you for all you do for LCSC. God Bless you and praying for success on your invitro.



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