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Tim is in the hospital...


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Well, Tim got an ambulance ride this morning...he was still short of breath..and it seemed to be getting worse and with the pain in his calf, I told him too bad and called the Dr. They said to bring him to the emergency room because any tests would get done quicker through there...and by the time I got off the phone, his breathing was so bad I called 911 instead...

They did a veinous duplex test and he has one blood clot in his right leg and 2 in the left...the CT scan that he had this past Tuesday had come back as suspicious for Pneumonia, so they did a chest xray and put him on IV antibiotics. We had to make a choice of them putting a filter in his vein which would prevent the clots from going to his lung but would not resolve the clots which would mean he would have to deal with swollen and painful legs from now on..or be put on Lovenex, a blood thinner. The ER dr. was leary of this because Tim had had brain mets and he was worried about them bleeding. But they called in the head onc and conferenced Dr. E (our Onc) and they both felt the blood thinner would be the best way to go and said that there is a very low risk of the mets bleeding as he had already completed his brain rads and they feel that they are gone.....So, they started him on the Lovenex...Tonight we were told that they are not sure he has pneumonia..they are doing more tests to confirm it, but are treating him with the antibiotics anyway..and they feel that he has two small clots in his lung...so they increased the lovenex to "zap" them. They feel that his chest and side pain last week was the clots...I am so lucky I did not lose him then....

BUT, we did have some good news...we had not gotten the results of that scan that they read today...but we found out that the CT results came back STABLE !!!! AND they lymph node under his arm cannot be felt any more ....the Iressa seems to be working !!!!

They have him in a private room and I was going to stay...but he insisted I go home and get a good nights sleep...they are giving him something to sleep..something he has not done well since the decadron...

Your prayers would be so appreciated that the Lovenex works and there is no bleeding from it !


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Putting you in my prayers. People have an increased risk of clots when they have a tumor. Perhaps they will still concider that "filter" That would prevent clots from going to his lung or brain from his legs. I am sorry that you have this problem on top of every thing else. Donna

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Kathy, my prayers are with you both. I'm glad Tim is in the hospital where he can be taken care of for clots and possible pneumonia. If you have not already done so, I sure would mention to the onc or physician in charge that some people have gotten pneumonia from taking Iressa, and they should watch this. Blessings. Don

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