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I miss Mark so much!!


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Days go by and turn into weeks and then months..My heart is still in pieces, missing my brother so very much every day..Mark is gone 5 months and life is just not the same..I am so alone with out my dear brother and best friend..I check in often and read all the posts, I pray for all of you daily..

This is the only place I can post this message and every one understands how I feel..

God's Blessings to all..


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Hi Donna,

good to see you post.

Mark was a very special man. Of course, you miss your brother.

Do you ever find your memories being triggered by something tangible of his and then getting a little giggle? Then the giggle turned to sadness and missing him?

I used to have those things happen with my brothers. It seems it was part of my healing.

You are grieving on your own time-line. I am just so sorry it is a long one for you.

Still caring about you, Donna.

love, Cindi o'oh

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I've never lost a sibling so I can't relate

like Cindi can but I can offer you my heartfelt

sympathies that you are suffering like this,

I would be completely devastated if I lost my

brother so I can only imagine :(

Please take care of yourself and let the good memories guide you through this awful time in your life.


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I am so sorry to hear about your grief. This is such a terrible disease. Please know there are so many out here who are praying and keeping you in their thoughts...myself included.

Life is just so precious. I do have a question for you though...how long was it between the time your brother was told the tumor was gone before the mets came? $(*## Disease!!!! :twisted:

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Thank you all for the kind words and especially the understanding..I think I need that most of all..I know I will get better with time, but I spent so much time with Mark my life seems so empty..I pray and pray for all of you and for peace of mind..My troubles are so small when I read some of the posts here..

God Bless each and every one who battles this disease and who has loved ones to this monster..



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