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Cancer Treatment Centers of America


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Hi all,

I know there has been some discussion in the past regarding the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, but I would like to know if anyone had good or bad news. My options are getting pretty limited, I have a large plureal effusion again and am scheduled for surgery tomorrow at the Washington Hospital Center for a pleurodesis (take the fluid off the lung, and basically fuse the linings together). This is to reduce the pain and SOB.

I keep hearing such positive spin on the CTCA, but is it worth it?

Information, good or bad is appreciated.



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All I can say is that I'm very glad that I went. If anything, I learned about the other approaches to a cure besides just chemo and radiation. There's diet, supplements, religion among some of the other areas you'll be introduced to.

It also is a great place to network with other cancer patients. I've met some great friends there.

My 2 pennies!


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Hi Mark,

Although I have no personal experience with Cancer Treatment Centers of America, I do know that they use traditional medicine and complement that with alternative therapies. There's counseling, not only for the patient, but the family, and diet and supplements recommendations. There's one here in Illinois, in Zion, and I think it would be worth a try.

Have you also tried the National Institute of Health? I know they've helped a couple of our members and they're near you.

There's also the Block Institute in Evanston Illinois. They are a clinic that blends traditional treatment with complementary diet and supplementation. I did go there for a consult.

Although I chose to do my own supplement plan, I felt that they gave me some sound recommendations. They recommend a vegan lifestyle in terms of diet. I myself am trying to get more plant based, but have not made the leap to vegetarianism and vegan diet.

One thing that still rings in my ears from that visit was the statement, "You need to get your weight down and be lean. At your stage in life, heart disease is right around the corner, and I'd hate to see you survive cancer twice and then have to deal with heart disease."

How sobering is that? I'm working on it. Sometimes more successfully than other times, but I'm working at it.

Good luck in what you decide.


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