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Interesting side effect from Neulasta


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Hello..Hope all are having a good day..

Three days after a shot of Neulasta I received one of the most severe pains in my lower back from center of the pelvis to the tail bone accompanied by nausea..The said to be ready for mild bone pain but this was the worst I can remember (& I've been banged around pretty good in the war, etc)..

Anyway this lasted about three days & I took pain killers every three hours day & night..I'll know better next tome (this Friday)..

Does anyone have thoght or comments on this drug?

God Bless,


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That does not sound interesting that sounds like a mack truck ran over ya!

Be sure to let your onc or attending nurse know so they can note it on your chart.

My dad desrcribed similar symptoms. Let us know how you are doing, ok?

Take care and much love,


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BONE PAIN!!! JOINT PAIN!!! I checked and that is a side effect. The med is tricking your body into thinking it is sick so it makes WBC (the cells that fight off diseases) by the billions. Since these are made (quickly) in the bone marrow it makes our bones ache!

Hated it. Pain killers are the only way to go.

Good luck, Cindy

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Before I started on Neulasta, I was warned that it could cause pain - legs maybe - and that they could prescribe meds for that, too. I was lucky, as I never had any trouble with it and I was given it at 2 wk. intervals between Feb. 11th and June 1st.

Ask you Dr. if he/she can do something about the pain.


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