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What was your chemo schedule?


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For those of you treated with etoposide/cisplatin combinations, how much did you have and how often? How many cycles?

I had cisplatin/etoposide for 5 straight days, every 21 days for 6 cycles. I believe this is higher than the standard dose?

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Hi there! I read your bio and I'm so glad you are responding to treatment!

Yes, VP-16 and etoposide are the same. I'm already done with these chemo combos and have been since August of 2005.

The reason I ask is because most of the people I've come across were treated with this combo for only 3 days, whereas I got 5 days. Also, most people I've talked to don't seem to have quite the same degree of neuropathy. My neuropathy extends all the way up my calves to my knees and it's painful :?

I know everyone responds differently to the drugs, but I'm just wondering if my bad neuropathy is due to higher does than what is considered "standard."

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My husband had Cisplatin and VP16 for 3 days every week for 3 weeks, then it was changed to Carboplatin VP16 due to serious ringing in the ears. We were told if he continued with the Cisplatin it would cause permanant hearing damage.

Keith also has severe neuropathy but it is in his arms. He as numbness along with a pins and needles burning sensation in both arms from fingertips to shoulders. It now extends across his chest sometimes and occassionally to the hips. We are told it is most likely from the cisplatin (He had Cisplatin and CPT-11 for 6 weeks prior to the VP16 rounds). It is very painful and really inhibits his ability to do normal things.

Sorry you are going through those same issues. I know how much Keith tells me about the problem and I can only say I hope it improves for you. Have you tried Neurontin? I hear it helps a lot of people with Neuropathy, as well as vitamins B6 and B12.

God Bless you Meredith

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Hi Carleen,

My Lord, Keith had a lot of cisplatin and I think it has some of the worst side effects of all chemo drugs. I just finished a prayer for him....

I also had a lot of ringing in my ears, but I never even mentioned this symptom, as I didn't even know it was really related. Even now I still have a lot of crazy sounds in my ears. Has this symptom stopped for Keith?

This neuropathy is such a weird symptom--numbness and pain simultaneously. It always feels like my legs are asleep and I get these terrible aches and sharp, shooting pains. It is often worse at night or if I've been on my feet for too long. I did try Neurontin but it didn't do much good. I also tried quinine, but that didn't help either. I take pain medicine--Hydrocodone--which helps some. But I'm finding I'm having to take more and more of it to get adequate pain relief, and that kind of bothers me.

Also, I did start taking the B vitamins toward the end of the chemo because I didn't know they could help. Now I take a multi-vitamin and get adequate vitamins and minerals from food--I eat like a horse :lol:

Take care! Hope Keith is feeling OK (is he?)

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I'm glad you're eating like a horse! That's an excellent sign of feeling good. I eat like a horse too. I've put on 10lbs in the last 2 months.

As far as the numbness goes, I have it in my feet and fingertips (I can actually play better guitar now if there's anything good there!! hehehe). All this time I thought it was from the mets in my back, but after reading the posts on here, it looks like Cisplatin is the culprit. I wonder how long it will last? Anyone know?

I have tons of questions regarding "getting back to normal".

I'm not sure why they have you on for 5 days. You had A LOT of cisplatin. What did your doc say insofar as the reasoning behind it? I'm going to see my doc on Tuesday and I'll ask him.

I have a post somewhere about what vitimins the Cancer Treatment Center of America recommends for our type of lung cancer. Check it out if you like. :-)

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I LOVE eating! I like to bake as well. When I was going through chemo, I of course couldn't eat much and lost a lot of weight.

My doctor gave me so much cisplatin because she said we were going "for the cure!" She also said I was young and could handle the doses well. At the time, however, I didn't realize I was getting so much, but I'm glad she did it because even after the first dose, my tumor had visibly shrunk (by the way, I have small cell cancer of the cervix, not the lung--though the kind of cancer I have likes to metastisize to the lung).

I would bet that your numbness is indeed due to cisplatin and not any mets. As has been mentioned, the medicine Neurontin might help, so you could ask your doctor.

I really like your attitude and spirit :D

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I too had the combination for VP16 and Cisplatin.

I had Cisplatin & VP16- Day 1/Monday

Tuesday-Friday vp16 only

The following Monday VP16 and Cisplatin

So basically I had chemo for six days (except weekends) with a three week break in between doses. I had 3 cycles.

Next, I had 3 rounds of Taxotere given once every 3 weeks.

The combination of all 3 drugs was my initial treatment plan. The change to taxotere was not because the drugs wasn't working.

I was also told that I was given this more agressive treatment because I was younger, healthier and my smoking history was pretty light.

Although, I have a friend in her 60s that was a heavy smoker and she also had the identical treatment I had.

I have dealt with the neuropathy too but definetly not as severe as you have. I have experience some relief after treatment was completed. Night time seemed to always make the numbness and tingling worse for me.

I hope that you have less pain in the future. Keep up the fight,


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