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Hi Shirley~

Welcome to the best support forum on the web!

My mom has had cyberknife twice. Read her profile at the bottom of the page.

One thing that I don't think I have on there is that when she had it last year the pain went away almost immediately then the one that was done a few weeks ago showed a little bit of improvement and it has not gotten too much better. The neurosurgeon only told us this time that last year's fast results were atypical and it normally takes a long time. We wish we would've known that before!

This is a good site to check out:




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I had Radio surgery which is something similar. I had it ad Moffitt Cancer Center for brain mets. Results were good and no pain was experienced. They did tell me that they would only use it for 4 or less mets.

Good luck.


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Dad had Cyberknife twice for brain mets. The first time it worked great with really no side effects at all. At Dad's three month check-up Doctor could hardly even see the scare tissue. Second time the doctor said it was working, but the results took longer. He did get more tired the second time around, but he also had been through several chemo's and raditation on lung tumor. Definately would recommend it, as it was the most sucessful treatment my Dad received. Wish we could have used it on his lung tumor.


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Hi All,

Thanks to all those who responded. Today I went to New England Medical with my father so that he could sign releases for Beth Israel. Those suckers take about 7 days to compile. We also got all the CT scans burned on CDs. Hopefully once Beth Israel gets the whole packet the radiation onc can look at it soon.

I'm crossing my fingers that cyberknife would be an option. My father has an apt with a neuro oncologist at New England Medical. His regular onc had threw around the idea of surgery possibly. So scary to think about.



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