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Blood Transfusion


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MIL had two units of blood today and tonight she had a fever so they done chest X rays and Blood test. FIL called and they told him that they were checking for something in her blood and that they wouldn't ahve the results for 3 days.

Has this happened to anyone?

I can't call and ask the nurse and DH is pretty much in denial about things.I was thinking that since they were pushing fluids that amybe it was Heart Failure.

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Not sure about this Deb had numerous transfusions and always had antibiotics to elminate infection (Fever?) Came down with c.diff after last transfusion and Antibiotics cleaned out her system completely. Just my early morning thoughts.Sending a prayer for now.

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Mom had a total of 12 pints of blood over her 3 week stay. The last time, she had a low grade fever, not bad, but they were checking for any type of infection in the blood. They told me with their immune system and being in the hospital, is easy for them to catch septis. It's an infection that goes into the blood.My question was to them....beings you are giving her antibiotics and steriods, would you treat this differently if there is an infection? Their answer was no, it would be the same treatment, they would just know what was going on. I hope this info helps.

Hugs and prayers


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Blood transfusions themselves can cause transient fever. But the fever ends when the transfusion ends. Not a serious thing, and easily treated with Tylenol.

Three days are needed to culture the blood sample and see what kind of bacteria (if any) grow from it, but there will be a preliminary report in 24 hours that might be informative.

Hope it all turns out well. - Teresa

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Her fever started after the Transfusion ended. Today they started her on Antibotics and the Dr did tell her he was looking for an infection.

I do remember the Culture things with my mom but it had just been so long ago that I forgot that the results take a few days.

You guys are wonderful and that helped a lot .

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