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  1. I understand. You and your family have my hugs and prayers! Connie
  2. I think my mom will be bringing her famous (made from scratch)chicken noodle soup and some homemade cinnamon rolls. I am sure she is up there singing, dancing and having a party. Her laugh always lit up a room.
  3. Ann, I totally understand---You have my prayers and good things will come your way. Just having the stress gone from that mess will be well worth it. Hugs and prayers Connie
  4. It has been 1 1/2 years for me and I still do it, not as much, but I still do. Oh the pain of it all.
  5. Shirley I am so sorry. Please feel free to come back whenever you can, we are here for you. Hugs and Prayers Connie
  6. Remembering and forever in my thoughts and heart: My dad Bob My mom Audrey All my grandparents and my brother-in-law Scott
  7. Connie22


    I am so very sorry!!!! John was always an inspiration to me, very similar to my mom's dx. Rochelle, you are a very strong and inspiritional woman. I will pray for you and your family. Connie
  8. Connie22

    My Tony

    Tony sounds like a wonderful person-I love that picture, he looks so happy and content. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Connie
  9. Katie, I do understand exactly what you are saying. I believe in order to get "better" we do need to feel these emotions to some degree. I was in the darkest black hole that I have ever been in last winter, and several friends and family members thought that I needed some type of medication. I would not give in, and I choose to dig my way back out. Granted it is not "easy" but a lot of things are not. You are so right about the things that we do have to be thankful for, which is what kept me going. I believe that a lot of Dr's make it way to easy to get the medications that you are describing. I am not saying that there are not people that truely need them, but I do know if I had went in, that is what she would have offered me. I too lost both of my parents and the only sibling that I have has been on the "run" since a day before Mom's celebration of life. I finally realized this is what he choose and I am trying to move on. Prayers and Hugs Connie
  10. Teri It is so good to have you back. It sounds like England went well, although it seems heavy. The connection you have with his family is such a blessing. As far as the last 1/3 of the ashes, please do so when you are ready. I have not been ready yet and it has been over a year. I communicate with my mom's family all the time, and they are letting me decide when, we know where. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Connie
  11. I was told today that some of my friends and relatives ordered it from Borders and they just recieved them. So that is another choice. Connie
  12. Hi Maryanne You can get it at Amazon.com Thanks for asking Connie
  13. Thanks Randy for reposting this. I remember this post, and I smiled this time, just as much as I did back in Nov. I really miss his postings. Connie
  14. Connie22

    News about Bill

    Terri, I am so very sorry to hear about Bill's passing. He was an awesome person, I loved his writings. I hope you can come back to this support group, you always have such positive things to say. It sounds like Bill and my mom would have gotten along great! My mom was the same way as she was passing-she called it a "celebration". Take care of yourself. Hugs and prayers Connie
  15. Oh Missy I could have written the exact same words. I also feel that my Mom lived with knowing about the cancer for 5 short months, and there are some people who just think that I don't know anything. But I did learn a lot in those 5 months, they are right that I don't know everything. Hugs and prayers Connie
  16. This is GREAT news. I will keep your family in my prayers. Connie
  17. I received my copy a couple of days ago-And I finished the book last night. This is an awesome book, not just because I have a story in there, but Julie did a great job. You can pre-order at amazon or barnes and nobles. Connie
  18. Melinda, I so believe you! I love stories like this, in a strange kind of way it makes me feel warm. Connie
  19. Oh Missy I so understand. You really need to take this time, and just be angry, sad and any other emotion you have. I did the same thing always pushing myself to be the same person I was before all of this happened. I will never be the same, but I am starting to enjoy life again. It doesn't mean I miss or think of her less, I am just working through it. You can PM me anytime you want, not that I have the right words, but I am a good listener. I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. (((Missy))). Connie
  20. Kelly I am so sorry. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I checked out the obituary, you did an awesome job. Connie
  21. Grey's Anantomy......Beneath the sheets
  22. Missy- I am so sorry you are going through this. I could have written this myself. I do understand, I have been there! Prayers and Hugs Connie
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