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The Good, the bad & the ugly....


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First, I wanted to apologize for not posting lately. I still come here often to read & catch up on everyone. I want you all to know you are in my thoughts & prayers.

I have Systemic Lupus & I've been dealing with a flare that left me bed ridden. I am much better now though. Just trying to stay well for my Mom.

My Mom's recent scans showed progression in the tumor near her Thyroid & spine. It has increased by 5.1 x 5.2 cm. Also, more cancer nodules were found on her thyroid. The rest of the tumors seem to be stable but they are not really focusing on those. If they can't stop the one in her neck it's all over.

They started her on Carboplatin once every 4 weeks & Camptosar every 3 weeks, indeffinantly. So far, so good. She is handling it all pretty well. She amazes me with her strength & courage.

In the midst of all this, my sponsor came through for me. My website, Common Bonds, has now been launched on it's own site instead of being a part of KatrinaTribute.info . The new URL is www.CommonBonds.info . I wanted to thank you all again for participating. The site continues to grow & the feedback has been wonderful!

Big Hugs,


PS. I'm the 'ugly' part of this post because the high doses of Prednisone made my face swell like a balloon :lol:

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You have all my wishes that this chemo regiment does the trick for your mom.

I am also sorry that you haven't been well, but glad that your on your way back to good health again.

So glad you got your sponsor, the website looks wonderful. You have worked so hard on it Lisa.

I'm glad you posted- was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing. Don't be a stranger!!

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You are truly amazing. What a warm heart you have, and a strong smile! Thank you for your site, and for all you do.

I pray that God blesses your mother with renewed strength, renewed health, and peace. I pray that you too get peace from your health issues, and that you have strength to get through this next hurdle. You say that you are amazed at your mother's strength, so I wonder if that is where you got yours?!!! God bless!


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