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Liver mets


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Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience dealing with liver mets? It seems to be the most active in my father.

Went to the doctors yesterday, absolutely no help. I just found some info on cyrosurgery. Anyone heard or have experience with this?

I'm in the process of trying to find my father other options, hopefully at another hospital in the Boston area. This doctor who is the "clinical director" of oncology had nothing to offer us. He actually said toward the end of the apt, "Well wish I could help, but I can't - see you next month." He also said when he heard that I was looking into another hospital for cyberknife... "Hope you realize that this isn't going to treat this, the tumor is going to continue growing."

I also introduced him to what HKI-272 is. He had no clue.

Anyway, I'm babbling. Liver mets? What have people tried?

Any input would be greatly appreciated



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Hi shirley,

I'm sorry about the difficulties your dad is having with these mets, and the lack of help from your doctors. The only help I can offer is this, I'm being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital and have found them to be absolutely top notch. I would definitely recommend getting another opinion, being in the Boston area you certainly have access to some great health care.

I also know for a fact that the docs at MGH have heard of HKI-272.

Best of luck to you.


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Yes Mass General did a lot of the research on the mutations that occur when tarceva becomes resistent.

I think they were also the first to identify what patients will respond to Tarceva based on a genetic mutation

As far as liver mets go "sometimes/rarely" radio frequency ablation could be used if there are few mets. It usually would not be because the cancer is "systemic". Sometimes mets are treated locally such as an isolated brain or adrenal met. There might be a little evidence that removing a met for an indolent cancer might be a little beneficial

It would be hard to find someone to do this

One other option for liver mets is chemo embolism

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HKI-272 is in phase II trials now.

It is like Tarceva but it is an irreversible Kinase inhibitor versus a reversible one.

There seems to be good science behind the drug.

The researchers have identified the mutation that occurs when the cancer becomes resistent to tarceva.

Additionally, they have developed a new class of Tarceva like drugs that is supposed work even with a resistence to Tarceva

I think it sounds pretty good, but it is still in trials so we shall see.

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I am so sorry about the mets. I dont' know much about them, but I do know I have read a number of things here about them. It is amazing what this cancer does to the body and the mind - of all involved. I hope you get some answers.

God bless,


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