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It could possibly be the chemo. With chemo there are so many side effects and it varies according to the type of chemo. and the person. I would say that of course if your dad is in extreme pain to call his dr. right away. There is probably something they can prescribe or perhaps he may need to be seen.

With me I'd rather be safe than sorry, because with cancer you don't know what is normal and what isn't. Sending prayers to your dad to get rid of his pain.


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Honestly I don't know. I always worry about mets, but I think I jump the gun far, far, far too much. I do know this....someone on here gave me the advice, "Pain management is the key to this disease. If you feel good you are ready and able to fight always." I believe this...so talk to the doc and get it figured out!

Best of luck to Dad!


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Hi guys

Thanks for all your advice, took dad to doc last night, he`s got some pain relief now thank goodness.

Doctor seems to think its siatica(sp).. As apparently dad used to suffer with it a few years back...

Hoping that the doctor is right but I have to admit that I`m worried dad`s cancer has spread to his bones..

Love and light


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