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I'm home!


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WOW! Am I ever glad that is over! Surgery went well, The following day my surgeon came in my room, he sais "it went great. Yours was the best anyone could hope for. It was cancer, we gor ir all and I don't feel that you will have to follow up with chemo or radiation"...I was still pretty full of meds si didn't think to ask questions. Later that day my GP came in, he said it was large cell and he didnt think I would need to follow up with anyone. On the 3rd day my GP told me that he spoke with out local cancer specialist and he said I need to follow up and thinks I probably fall into a "gray area" and need the chemo and/or radiation. :D Not that i'm looking forward to it but I feel a lot better being able to get the chemo...Anyway...I got home yesterday and it was no easy task getting up the 23 steps to our apartment! About an hour later a nice gentleman from the hospital came by with my oxygen machine and several portable tanks..My daughter and I got thro' an uneventful evening and went to bed early. I woke up at 1AM struggling to breathe only to discover we had blown a fuse! Oh my! So, I had to wander around in the dark, find the portable tank and get it set up then look around for my shoes and keys...down the 23 steps, around the corner and out to the back of the house in almost total darkness then unlock the besement, go down those awful narrow steep stairs and finally to the fuse box!...I figure if I can do that and handle it OK we are going to be just fine! :lol:

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I'm glad your surgery went well, but nothing like getting tested on the first night home :) You passed with flying colors!

I think it's very important that you follow up with your local cancer specialist, and glad you will be doing so!

All the best in your recovery - hope it's speedy and you are back to normal in no time.

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First of all, let me say that I'm glad you're home and the surgery is behind you. I know you are so relieved to have that over and done with. It sounds like the doctors had some very good news for you. I'm sure you're follow up treatments will help to totally chase all the "bad things" right away! It sounds as if you really got a full blown workout dealing with that blown fuse. What a pain that must have been. Do you have a neighbor that could help you if that ever happens again in the middle of the night?

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Welcome home.

get rested up and take it easy, goodness!

Would be good to check the pathology reports to see how aggressive your cancer is/was. Also stage. Lots of information to sift through and become familiar with.

Good idea to get opinions about chemo/rad follow-up..

Cindi o'h

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Hi lyleanme,

I bet it feels good to sleep in your own bed - that is, between fuses. :D

Cindi is right, you will know more with the pathology report. It sounds like you're going to get some chemo plus radiation. Maybe you had a close margin or they just want to be extra certain every last bad cell is a goner.?

Often the surgeons and oncs are at odds regarding additional treatments, so your GP sounds like a good neutral opinion.

Glad to hear you are doing so well lyleanme. Barb

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Welcome home,

I am so very happy to hear that you had a successful surgery. Please do follow up on getting information about post surgery chemo and/or radiation. Take care.

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