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Getting to Know You - July 31


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Rick would not be happy if I posted all my senior moments, LCSC would need bzillion GB's to store.

Let me just say that I have notes everywhere, if I don't right it down I don't remember. I will be leaving soon to go to a customers and then run errands. Yep, I have a list of what errands and what to do or buy there.

Hmmmm, what am I writing about???

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:oops::oops::oops: You know, I'm only 45, I know I've had more than a few in the last couple of years (especially with how fast and furious things have been over that time).... I've been pondering this GTKY all day, and I just can't remember them either! :oops::oops::oops:

Oh goodness! Well, at least now I've got computer Deal or No Deal to occupy what's left of me.... :D


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Well when this happened to me I wasn't old enough to be considered a senior but- my weirdest "where are my brain cells when I need them" moment was several years ago. I was the Secretary of our lake association so I was delivering newsletters around the lake using my car. I would pull up and throw them in the newspaper holder. I went down this street that has a cul-de-sac (sp?)at the end. I hit each box and then came to drive out of the cul-de-sac and WHAMO. I could not remember which side of the road to drive on. I stopped my car and sat there for a good minute trying to remember if it was the right or left. Finally another car started coming at me and I figured I took the other side. :lol: That moment scared the hell out me- I thought I had early onset Alzheimer's.

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I'm not the greatest at remembering names but I always remember faces. Seeing the face always helps me to remember the name, by putting the face in a particular setting and working from there. Well, when I was shopping in Target recently, this lady came up to me and started asking me how I was doing, how my boys are (by their names) abd talking about Dennis' death. I knew that I knew this face but couldn't figure out who in the world this woman was. I had to know her, as she knew so many personal things about me. Well, I guess I pretended to know her fairly well, as she didn't seem to catch on that I didn't have a clue. She walked away and I spent over an hour tyying to figure out who this woman was. Then...it hit me. She owns a little shop that I used to visit frequently. I think this was the first time I had seen her outside of her shop and that threw me. What a scary feeling that was. After that, I can imagine how terrifying it is to face memory loss.

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