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My father in Law has just had surgery to get to a vein in his upper left chest after the ones in his arms colapsed and has emediatly started to cough up blood. the doctors here in Spain are good but i'm sure something is being missed in the translation. Help.


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Sorry enter key pressed!!

He has stage 4 lung cancer and has 2 drain tubes inserted into his left plural cavity, cancer in the lymph gland and a tumor on his kidney and DVT in the left leg.

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The doctors should know best but it could be a blood clot in the lungs. Does he also have shortness of breath or any of these other symtoms.

Symptoms of pulmonary embolus

People with pulmonary embolus may have:

a cough that begins suddenly, and may produce bloody sputum (mucus): significant amounts of visible blood or lightly blood streaked sputum

sudden onset of shortness of breath at rest or with exertion

splinting of ribs with breathing (e.g., bending over or holding the chest)






rapid breathing

rapid heart rate

chest pain:

under the breastbone or on one side

sharp, stabbing, burning, aching or dull, heavy sensation

may be worse at night

may radiate to the shoulder, arm, neck, jaw, or other area

may be worsened by breathing deeply, coughing, eating, bending, or stooping

If you have these symptoms, or if you think you have pulmonary embolus, see your doctor right away. Your symptoms could be caused by pulmonary embolus, or they could be caused by another disease; only a doctor can tell.

Let us know what the Spanish doctors think


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I am sorry that your dad is going through such difficulty. Chuck gave you some very good information to inquire about. I would say that if you are having difficulty understanding the drs. as my mom says, please explain it to me like a five year old, the point in that is to make it as easy and simple as possible to understand. Also does your father have a regular dr. he sees or just an oncologist. I ask because if he does you may want to talk to his dr. to explain to you what all what your dad is going thru indicates.

I hope and pray that you get the information you need about your dad, and hope that he will get thru this.


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