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I'm back, darn it


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:D I guess this a pretty special day for me. I do remember where I was two years ago. I was in ICU recovering from my lobectomy. It has been quite a ride since then. I was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC the following April. At that time they said I had 6-9 months left to live. (bone mets) I was given taxotere for the next 6 months. Then, in October of 2002, I started on Iressa. This worked very very well for me at the time, and I was able to go back to work (as a waitress--pretty physical work) in December of last year. I worked for the next 9 months and did very well. Then, my last series of tests showed 3 new spots in my ribs and a spread to the lymph nodes. The doctor immediately started me back on chemo (a combination of carbo/genzar), and took me off the Iressa. I had my second weekly treatment today, and so far it has not been to bad. I did dread the thought of more chemo, but know it must be done if I am to continue this fight. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and wish you all well. There is hope, as we all know and I, for one, intend to fight this darn disease to the bitter end. God blell you all, Mary
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Kudos to you, Mary!

I would rather welcome you back for other reasons. You have a great attitude and I suspect this is what has helped you stay alive so long. Good for you.

You are not alone in your battle. My cancer just returned.....this time in my liver. So I'll ride the rollercoaster with you. And, as you can see by the amount of folks signed on, we are not alone.

Good Luck and God Bless

Sue M

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