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Remembering Dave

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I am going in today, this morning, for my Chest CT scan to see how my treatment is progressing. I have had mixed reviews with the mass in my lung with my previous tests- first shrinking and then growing which they thought was pneumonia. I have finished my Chemo and am now recvng PCI which is a little strain but OK-only 7 more days of that to go. I find out the results from the Chest CT on Wed. or Thursday, not exctly sure at this moment. I had a chest xray done yesterday in which the Pulmonologist did not seem too concerned about the results but still If the Chest CT from this morning is abnormal then we will be doing a PET Scan. Please keep me and my family in your prayers, remember God cannot answer any prayers he does not hear!!! You are all in my prayers.

David C

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