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Hi guys,

this is just preliminary.

It looks like the logo (not the colors, :wink: ) but the logo may be changed again slightly.

LCSC and LUNGevity will have a final logo and Rick adn I will have the changes by Tuesday.

The links will be up by then and the "HOME" page of the website will all be updated (the colors too) with the proper text and links!

The colors of LUNGevity are pinkish-purple, so this way, our merge will coordinate with their homepage.

Thank you all for your patience!

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Not that I was calling you "Purple Chris" or anything ;) I just messed up the syntax. :oops:

I enjoy the colour (Canadian SP) purple, k...now I'm implying the movie and not the actual colour. this has become very confusing. Can I send anyone an fruit-basket to make up for the trouble I have caused? :shock:

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Thanks to LUNGevity, LCSC will always be available to lung cancer patients and their families!

In turn, donations from our members, generated thru this website, and any fundraisers we have will go directly to LUNGevity for lung cancer research!!!!!!!

Rick and I have been working hard on the changes, there are still a few more to come and our "home" page isn't up to date with the new changes yet.

I am also excited to announce some new features and functions to benefit our memebers! I had actually been working on this before the merger with LUNGevity, but now with the new merger and changes, expect a release date of late september!

Keep watching! Thank you all for your support and for being here!!

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