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How long can one


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survive with out food or water? My mom has had neither since Tuesday night. Hospice called me Wednesday morning to tell me to hurry on up there. They said she was not going to make it.

When I got there she was breathing very poorly at about 2-3 breaths per minute and a half. None of us thought she would pull through.

She has! But she has had no food or water since Tuesday. Dr. says she is activelly dying. I do believe this to be true. I just don't understand how she can go on this long with no food or water.

I pray that God take her as she is suffering so very much.

By the way, the Dr. agrees with OUR diagnosis of superior vena cava syndrome! Her swelling is so very bad right now that her skin is splitting in places, sorry to be so graphic,I just feel so bad for her.

Thanks for any answers.


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My heart goes out to you and your family for seeing your mom go thru this. Unfortunately I'm all too familar with watching someone you love dying, ( my dad this time last year). We also thought my dad wasn't going to last long, he suprised everyone, including his doctor. But when it came down to the final moments, it was very difficult, he did have a very hard time, that is not to say your mom will.

I know that when my husbands' mother was dying, she didn't really seem that bad, and in her final moments ( which no one expected), she asked my husband to make her a cup of tea, when he came back, she was gone.

I will pray that God takes your mom with no pain or complications, please know when she does pass she will be pain and cancer free.


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The body and human spirit can do amazing things that none of us expect, so I don't have any answers for you on your question that would amount to anything.

I am so sorry you're having to go through this -- my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Lots of hugs and prayers,


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I don't have an answer, I only know that it is one of the most difficult things you will ever have to go through.... my best advice? Tell Mom it is okay to go... encourage her and let her know you will be fine... I pray she finds peace soon.... again, so very sorry. Love, Sharon

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