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I thought I had heard of everything.


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I have had many friends offer advice on many different Alternative Therapies and I have researched many on my own. A well meaning friend at church tried to tell me about a whole new direction of Alternative Therapy that he was using for his general health but also had cancer killing properties. It's not an herb,juice,pill,or etc. Has anyone here had any experience with 'bioresonant frequency technology' as applied to Alternative Therapies? The specific electronic device I have in mind is the Evenstar Photonic Multiwave Oscillator System; whew, that's a name. I think these devices got their start back in 1934 with Dr. Royal Rife.A detailed account or Rife's inventions and discoveries is the subject of a book called The Cancer Cure That Worked, 50 Years of Suppression.

So there are now at least several machines, Rife machine, V.I.B.E. machine, and now the Evenstar PMOS.

Has anyone used or heard of someone using the Evenstar PMOS?

Thanks Chuck

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Hi Chuck

I have no experience with the device you mention here but have heard of it before. I did a quick search and came up with the following information site.

http://www.altered-states.net/barry/Lak ... ectric.htm

If nothing else it was an interesting read.

Please note the disclaimer at the very, very end of the page...


Altered States products are sold for learning, self-improvement and simple relaxation. No statement contained in this catalogue, and no information provided by any Altered States employee, should be construed as a claim or representation that these products are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease or any other medical condition. The information contained in this catalogue is deemed to be based on reliable and authoritative report. However, certain persons considered experts may disagree with one or more of the statements contained here. Altered States assumes no liability or risk involved in the use of the products described here. We make no warranty, expressed or implied, other than that the material conforms to applicable standard specifications.

The publisher does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information or the consequences arising from the application, use, or misuse of any of the information contained herein, including any injury and/or damage to any person or property as a matter of product liability, negligence, or otherwise. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made in regard to the contents of this material. No claims or endorsements are made for any drugs or compounds currently marketed or in investigative use. This material is not intended as a guide to self-medication. The reader is advised to discuss the information provided here with a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or other authorized healthcare practitioner and to check product information (including package inserts) regarding dosage, precautions, warnings, interactions, and contraindications before administering any drug, herb,radionics tool,or supplement discussed herein.

Wishing you and Lisa all the best,


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I suggest taking quackwatch with a grain of salt. The physician who writes that site states that acupuncture, for example, is quackery because it has not been "scientifically proven" to his satisfaction.

In fact, there are many studies verifying the effectiveness of acupuncture for nausea and vomiting associated with chemo and pregnancy. But he has a very low threshold for what he calls quackery.

Typically, everything that is not provided by western medical practitioners he considers quackery. I personally think he has a pretty closed mind and will dissuade anyone from alternative therapies of almost any kind.

Look at quackwatch with the same degree of skepticism you would bring to the evaluation of any alternative therapy.

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Haven't heard of the specific machine you mention, but I have heard of the work of Rife and the Rife machine. There are a few folks in my neck of the woods that offer services with these types of machines, but I don't have any first hand experience with them. The basis of Rife's work has a solid foundation -- however, I've read that the machines that eventually came out (that we see today) were not engineered exactly as Rife intended: they couldn't be and get FDA approval for use. Perhaps that's why results may be sketchy.

Can they be effective for cancer? Not sure. From what I've read, Rife's take was that cancer cause was bacterially based and his machine went after the resonance frequency of bacteria. I can't say I've found much on a bacterial link with cancer these days other than as a secondary infection, perhaps.

I don't personally discount the theory as something that can work. I'm just skeptical that we've got equipment on the market that implements the theory adequately. Plus the person offering the services of such technology (or the home user) needs to be highly knowledgeable about what they are doing with it. Use of frequency is very specific (think of tuning into your favorite radio station) -- one iota off the needed frequency and you don't get the intended result because the signal isn't clear.

Here are two links I found that might help you, if you haven't already uncovered them in your research:



When the window opens for the first link, click on Rife FAQ for some good general info. including how these machines work on cancer (plus their skeptical link is pretty good too). Personally, I don't care for the second link near as much as the first one, but it does have some good general info. weaved into it.


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  • 2 months later...


Thanks for the follow up on this. I have some things to report but needed a push to get it out.

Your inquiry is very timely and maybe even ESP.

Lisa went for 11 sessions on the machine. Each session consisted of 15 minutes. 5 minutes sitting down front, 5 minutes back, and 5 minutes standing close in front of the machine. OK, you may ask, did it help? Lisa thinks it did and belief is part of it.

Looking back at my calendar she was already 30 days on the Tarceva 150 and a chest xray at that time showed nothing worst, nothing better, I guess that means stable. She had 4 sessions at the time of the xray.

7 more sessions and 60 days on T-150 the Chest CT scan showed that the lung tumor had melted away, 50% reduction in largest liver tumor, no pleural or pericardial effusions, liver function normal.

Time line wise 40 days on T-150 including the 11 electromagnetic sessions was when things drastically changed for the better because that was when Lisa said she wanted a break from the machine. Really I think she didn't like getting up early in the morning and going for the drive in early morning traffic.

If you do the research, the machine is supposed to help with cellular communication and restoring the cellular atomic charges to healthy conditions. I think this help the Tarceva and supplemants do their work.

But there's more:

Now this is really weird. A nurse that lives a block away saw a demonstration of this same machine that Lisa was using at an Alternative health therapies fair. The nurse is buying one for $8000 to use in a business setting. Lisa wants to continue with these sessions and now she can walk to the neighbors house for treatment. 1 nurse amonst the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex 2 million population and lives a block away. What a great way to meet the neighbors.

Isn't that both weird and great!


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Very exciting, Chanwit! I'm so happy to hear this and, yes, the mind set is a crucial part of this process as well (I personally believe it's the most important myself -- otherwise how do you explain all those drug companies needing to show effects which are significant beyond the "placebo effect" to get approval for use?).....when multiple treatments are going on at the same time it's, of course, difficult to tell what is actually responsible for improvement.

I'm so very pleased for your efforts and successes so far, I can't even begin to tell you.

Please keep us informed of such alternative therapy effects. This is of great substance, I assure you.


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Hi All

Interesting discussion....Mum used a Rife machine (which Dad purchased), for several months. Hard to say what effect it had, as she was doing other treatments concurrently. It certainly didn't save her life, but she did live well for longer than her doctors expected. If nothing else, it did no harm, and gave us all another reason to hold onto hope for a bit longer.

And I totally second what Teresa had to say about Quackwatch. The guy is completely opposed to everything that falls outside of standard conventional treatments. Does not present a balanced view at all.

All the best,


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