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I have just had a call to say that dad has had 2 seizures in the last 24hrs.

I spoke to my brother who said that his speech has gone down hill again.

I briefly spoke to dad - I couldn't really understand him that well, he was very faint and was drifting with what he said.

I told him that I loved him (1st time ever) and that we are all thinking of him.

I have got a message out to his palliative care manager to give me a call, but that isnt always as easy as it sounds.

I am just waiting now.

My wife and I have our 12 week scan on our new baby on Friday (29th), I so want to be here for that - i want to be here for months and months, but I know that i will need to be on a plane very soon.

I guess that if i don't update in the next couple of days, i will have got the call - i hope i can update.

thanks again to everyone for all your thoguhts and prayers - it really does mean alot.


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Praying for you all... It is a surreal feeling being torn between the new life of your child, and worrying about losing your parent. Wherever you are will be the RIGHT place. And if you can't be there for the 12 week scan, you will be there for other things.

But I'm hoping that you will be there for the 12 week scan because your Dad will rebound from this.

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