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Sending Prayers for good news for Connie B. I noticed it is Scan time for ya and Pray for all kinds of Continued good news. was thinking about you this morning while checking on the state of thingsd here. RandyW

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Hummmm didn't know I had that infor posted anywhere! :oops::)

However I did have a CT scan last Friday along with a EKG, an blood work do to chest pain I was having and SOB that went with the Chest Pain. I went to the ER last Friday and as of today, they say (the ER Doc) said, my tests were normal and clear. They chalked it all up to Chest Wall Pain. And they said, Chest wall pain can react the SAME as a blood clot or as a heart attack, but it's imporant to have it checked out and this time I did. But I am waiting to hear from my Plum Doc after he himself reads the CT. I should know today, but I'm sure it's just fine. :wink:

Thanks Randy for keeping a watchful eye. I don't normally post about my scans anymore. After all this time it is what it is, good or bad I will deal with it. But, it's very kind of you to notice.

Thank you,

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