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Tumor Markers - does anyone have any experience or info on?


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I'm asking because a couple of weeks ago my husbands' radiologist decided to add some markers to his weekly blood work. The thing is that my husband was on oral etoposide for about 18 days and stopped temorarily because of his IMRT and rad to lung and liver, also onc. and rad. are debating about giving him temodar.

Well, there there has been a sharp decrease in the marker that follows the amount of cancer cells ( at least that is what I believe), my husband count on this marker started at 107 and last time it was 4 ( normal range is 3 - 9) so something is happening.

I guess my questions are, has anyone else dealt with tumor experienced. We're off to see his onc. this morning to talk more ( even through he isn't all that big on markers, but he is pleased with the numbers). What does this mean?

Also my husband is continuing w/ the rad today and ongoing, and will have an MRI of his brain tomorrow, and I'm betting the onc. will schedule a Chest CT scan too as well.

I really appreciate any and all info you may all have...

Thank you,


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The only tumor marker blood test that Tony has had was a CEA. He is NSCLC so I don't know if there is a difference. He started at 5.2, which is in the low normal range for a smoker (he was a non-smoker). Doc doesn't do many of these tests. I think the last time he did one was before the big progression and it was down to .7. I think the Doc doesn't utilize these tests for Tony because the results do not seem to align with the large amount of cancer he had at the beginning. Just a guess.

Hopefully someone will come along with SCLC tumor marker info for you.

Thinking of you both often,


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My mom's oncologist tests her for them just to kind of see, I don't think they rely on them. There are a few he does, including CEA. Hers was 3 something at first, now less than 5.

He also did them on my dad at his consult. He said to have a baseline even though it may be all negative.

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