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Dad had to reschedule appt.

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He was supposed to go to Ashland today to meet with the radiation oncologist to discuss options. He got started and got very ill with vomiting on the way, so they turned around and went home. He is rescheduled for October 30th. His girlfriend is very worried about him. From what she told me, he was told that they might not do radiation and go straight to chemo. I told them about the Avastin that was recommended and they are going to ask about that. Do you think that this vomiting has anything to do with the cancer? Also, Dad finally admitted to me last night that he is in quite a bit of pain. The doctors have him still on Morphine and Percocet.

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Well, he has been on the morphine now for 2 years, so I wouldn't think that it would all of a sudden cause the nausea, or would it? I agree, October 30th seems way too far out for me. I asked them why so long and his girlfriend told me that it was the first available appointment. He goes back to his regular oncologist next week. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement!

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