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cure vs space program

cindi o'h

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While I was in high school, one of the favorite debate themes was spending money on funding research of the outer limits (sending man to the moon) or spending money on cancer research and ultimately cure.

Here we are 30 years(can you believe it?) later and we have yet to discover Martians or a cure for cancer.

I feel...

I don't know how I feel. Hopeless is the word, maybe.

I feel disappointed, I guess. Will there EVER be a cure for cancer? With all the great minds and work done in this area, there seems to be no cure in sight.

After listening to our high school debaters, I was on the side of cancer research and forgetting about the man in the moon. Would there be a global cancer cure if all the money that had been spent on space programs had been funneled into cancer research?

Really, I don't think so.

Cindi o'h

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sometimes I'm not sure if the powers that make a difference in the world actually want to find a cure for cancer. But I do believe that if the amount of money that goes into every shuttle launch were redirected towards cancer, we would at least have a drug to keep us alive for many many many many years. Unfortunately, most folks want to continue with space and looking for little green men. I personally don't consider it a priority


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Getting a man on the moon,

was a fight between countries

for who would be FIRST to do it.

Finding a cure for cancer is now

a fight between companies and

countries for who would find it FIRST.

Secrecy is the word in research.....

and time goes on till the cure is

found because somebody, a country

or a drug company wants to be FIRST.

And people are waiting..........

That is my view about it.


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I think they are making progress in research and I'm going to keep a positive attitude about it. We just need more interest and money. Look at what breast cancer has done. Several big celeberty deaths from this disease brought it more out to the forefront Research has just about cured breast cancer,at an 85% chance. Lung cancer still at a sad 3% cure rate.

Odly enough my dad was a rocket scientist. He created fuels, propellants, and formulas for NASA. He died of lung cancer. Barium deposits were found in his lungs. But I'll not debate the merit of why we need the space program. I will say that you are right, America does want be first. That is why we are the strongest nation. Not to mention pressing problems such as global warming and nuclear weapons.


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