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I don't even know what's normal and what's not!


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First of all, I introduced myself in the "Introduce Yourself" section (duh :D ) and the outpouring of support was absolutely phenomenal. So, to everyone who read my introduction, thank you so much for making me feel comfortable!

Here's the deal. Mom went into the hospital with pneumonia about a month ago, when she was diagnosed with cancer. She had a lung biopsy a week ago, and the doctor says her cancer is "treatable," so I'm cautiously optimistic. The thing is though, ever since her first stay at the hospital a month ago, she is easily winded, she is very weak, gets sick to her stomach, etc. Are these fairly normal symptoms of someone diagnosed with LC? It seriously seemed to come out of nowhere; her health has deteriorated so quickly! Last month, she was normal; today, she couldn't get out of her chair without assistance! I feel she's gone from someone her age to a 90-year old in the matter of a few weeks, and I'm scared. Do lung biopsies screw your lungs up for more than a week? Has anyone experienced anything like this? I'm scared, and don't know if this is all "normal," or if I should be worried. Feeling like this is deterring mom from getting treatment....but will treatments make her feel better? Lordy, I feel like I'm being so obnoxious with all my questions! Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated!

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dear Dawn I know how you feel. In April we had a giant 50th aniversary party for my parents and today i feel as though mom will never come home from the hospital. This is the worst thing ive ever had to deal with and im sure the same is true for you. All I can say is do the best you can and she will know you are there for her.

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Hi Dawn,

I'm sorry your mom is having such a rough time of it right now. I found that the symptoms that brought me to the ER (coughing, SOB, chest pain) got much better shortly after chemo began and really cleared up once radiation began. I hope it goes that way for your mom.

Hang in there.


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The pneumonia could be what's weakened her so much.

My mother's lung cancer was not treatable, but after diagnosis, she really was fine. The weakness came with the pneumonia and the effects of being on decadron for what was probably too long.

I am very sorry this has happened to you, but you should be encouraged that this is treatable. Has she started treatments? If so that can fatigue as well.

I wish for you and you family the very best.

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Dear Dawn, I am so sorry that this is so hard on your mom, and thus hard on everyone who loves her. I will have to find your intro to read about the kind of lung cancer your mom was diagnosed with, but I can say that with my dad, this happened...it got worse, fast. He had SCLC, and it grows fast, fast, fast.

This is treatable, and with some, curable. Keep your spirits, strength, and learn all you can.

Bless you!


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