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hi i am back again. i am restless. i said i was lennons girl mom but i forget to say my name is cindi. this cancer thing is so confusing to me. first of all i hate the fact that things i used to take for granted i cant do. it makes me cry. like i cant walk more than 15 feet by myself and even if i have someone to lean on i still end up washed out. i cant go to the store. i have rode the bus since i have been diagnosed and i scare to try to. my doctors tell me to eat more. i try somedays i do good and other days i dont. does anyone have any suggetions on that. i go to chemo tomorrow i dread it. i feel so lousy afterwards. there are so many things running thru my mind i cant put them down all at one. i have started smoking again. what is that a death wish. i have to go cry. bye

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It is best, especially when under treatment, to eat small snacks every 2-3 hours rather than the usual 3 full meals. You wind up eating more, and it tends to keep the nausea down.

It is normal, especially with chemo, to not be hungry, to be very tired, and to find things don't taste right. You have to get beyond that and be sure to eat enough to keep up your strength and to drink plenty of fluids so you don't get dehydrated (can damage you and open you to infection).

You might try things like Ensure, Boost, blender mixes, ice cream, yogurt, Smoothies, Frosties, that kind of thing. Best to you. Don

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Hi cmays82, I am so sorry you are here and feeling so crummy. It is a horrible diagnosis, I know.

Have you tried prayer or reading the Bible? Sometimes I felt so broken there was nothing to do but drop to my knees and throw myself to the Lord's mercy.

Maybe your daughter could read you Psalm 91-even over the phone. It is a good one.


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Hi and welcome again cindi :lol:

I got my Dad on the boost program. He uses it on days when he just can't eat. His weight has remained very good through out his chemo treatments.

I don't think your smoking is a "death wish" I think it's just an old friend that helps you though stressful times. I think you should quit when you are ready, or when your Doctor(s) tell you to.

I hope you can relax a little and remain strong and willing with your treatments. My Dad has stage IV and the chemo has done wonders !! He feels lousy as heck from the treatments, but when you consider it's doing it's job , it makes it all worth while!

I wish you peace from fear, and strength for battle.

My very best to you,


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Dear Cindi, Welcome. Reading your post broke my heart. You are going through so much. Just know that I am on this ride with you. I went back to see your daughters earlier posts. I didn't see anything about an anti depressent on it. That was my number one thing to do. Instantly stopped crying, feeling sorry for myself and started fighting, hard. I understand your feelings about having to feel sick. I have cancer, everyone thinks I'm sick, so there for I should be. I felt like that, but you know, when you feel like you should be sick, pretty soon you start feeling sick. And we don't want that. I try to be an inspiration to everyone in the waiting room. Big smiles, loud hellos, try to make them smile. I talk to everyone. Makes them feel good and more importantly make me feel good. Eating is a problem too. None of us is every really hungry, but you and I know we have to eat or we will lose wiehgt and get weak. Then the illnesses prey on us. So eat, even if your not hungry. Get medice. My esaufagus hurts like the dickens, couldn't swallow even water without pain, so I got a liquid pain med and sip it all day long. Doesn't mess my head but keeps my thort good. Well, gott to get ready for chemo. I'll check back with you this afternnon after radiation. Hugs, Liz

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Hi, again, Cindi. Poor thing, you've got an awful lot of symptoms to deal with. You've gotten some excellent suggestions about nutrition boosts. You might also try freezing juice in ice cube trays, cream of wheat with honey, and milk shakes. When my spirits were down, I'd have a Cappucino and Cream something or other from Dairy Queen. Yummmm! Hang in there, Cindi.


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oh my, honey! Another Cindi! (I love you already! :P )

Definitely antidepressant. Many have good luck with lexapro, it helps to take the angst out of the deal and you can see your way to clearer skies.

Hang in there. You just have to do the best you can do for the moment, the hour or the day. Lotsa water. For sure. And anything yummy and creamy and naughty that goes down the pipe is a hit on the chemo parade.


Cindi o'h

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