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i am so sorry that we all have to go through this pain and suffering, but all of you truly help because you honestly all know what we are feeling. So many pepole say they know how you feel, but they don't unless they have gone through the experience. With all of you sharing with me it made me truly feel that all of you understand and i am not alone. It is hard to talk to my mother about my feelings because she is coping with her own grief and fears of being alone at 55 and her future. So a great bigh thanks, hugs, kisses and prayers to everyone.

GOd Bless


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It is great that each person here "knows".

And we'll keep knowing. And I am sure months, years from now, when I am having a "moment", many in my life won't understand...but here, I know folks will. And won't find it odd that I'm not better yet.

It's such a blessing that this wonderful loving community has been born out of such a crappy situation. See, God truly does make the light emerge from darkness!

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No thanks necessary. As Don said, we're all family and we're here to help each other along during tough times and cheer each other along when times are good. So glad you feel better after talking!

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