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WOW, Tina!!!!!! SUPER SUPER SUPER articles!!!! Way to go. You are really something. And YOU ARE making a difference for sure. I'm just so sorry that your claim to fame had to come due to LC and losing Charlie.

Keep it up, Tina. Things will start changing for those following us on this road.



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Hi Tina,

Way to go!! I am so proud of you. You had a goal and you have achieved it.

So many people on here are having articles published. I am so proud of our members who are taking a stance and being heard.

Great job Tina you are a special lady and Charlie is so proud of you. You are not letting his death go unnoticed. Your articles are also helping so many people making it aware of early detection and the type of scans that detect LC.

Bless you,

Maryanne :wink:

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Thanks for your warm replies. I think this is a God thing. He is all over it. Who would have thought we could get 3 articles covering almost 2 pages of a fairly major newspaper (online registrations of 377,000 and circulation of 245,000 adults on weekdays). It's incredible! You CAN make a difference.

I know it is hard to make letter writing and emails a priority when you are battling this disease. Copy someone else's letter, change it slightly, and run with it. Strength comes in numbers. Take care everybody.

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