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GTKY - 11/21/06


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We stay home for the holiday and we have a traditional dinner. My mom comes over and she does the turkey (what is it with people not trusting the vegetarian near the turkey?). The last few years my kids have taken on their own tradition and they go to a movie together.

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Connie and I were going to stay at home the two of us.(I get all the leftovers that way).All our kids had other plans (in-laws,etc)however my daughters are afraid this may be a last Thanks giving dinner for me so they have now moved Thanksgiving Day to our youngest daughter's house where the whole kit and kaboodle will have dinner.

Good old fashioned turkey,potatoes,stuffing,etc,etc.

It promises to be a great day with lots of thanks for lots of things.As long as I can keep everything in me where it belongs.I have had a lot of trouble lately with this.

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We will be going to the in-laws this year for the feast. Bad news is that I have to WORK from 3pm to 1130pm on Thanksgiving. Used to it though, been working in a hospital for 15yr. and counting. Don't know what it would be like to work normal hours! :D

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I asked my 6yr. old, Connor, what he was thankful for and he said," God and Jesus, because they can do some pretty amazing things mom!" Here's hoping The Lord does some "Pretty Amazing Things" for everyone here!


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Going to my daughters, we will be 8 adults and two absolutely adorable, smart, clever, well behaved children (did I mention they are my grandchildren).

I assume it will be traditional, I just have to show up, how much easier can it get. I will be bringing Wegman's roasted sliced brussel sprouts with walnuts. I will buy enough for 8, but will eat them all myself. Maybe I will share with you Rochelle.

Oh, and I will bring a bottle (or 2) of Pinot Noir.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. May it be a day of peace and happiness.

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Helping a friend of mine at another restaurant cook for about 4000 people including shutin sand going to Dinnera at Mom & Dads after a Cemetary visit to Honey Bunny

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Traditional dinner at my house. One planned guest and few more who might show up for a bit (close neighbor who just lost her mom last Friday and another close neighbor friend, maybe).

All I can say is we are gonna' be cooking enough for an army (lots of leftovers to go around then too for everyone :) ): I'm doing the Turkey (stuffed), Virginia ham, cranberry sauce (the real deal there), some really neat snacks (I can't spell the "h" word right now for the life of me), and the condiments; my friend is doing the yams, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread, dessert.

I have no idea how we are going to begin to consume all that food, but it's gonna' be fun to see how we put this all together -- of course, we are both avid red wine lovers so that's in the picture too. (already got the guest room ready there, just in case!)

A day of abundance, thanks, and great spirits shared with great friends. Even got the generator ready to go if another one of those flippin' storms tries to knock my power out again around here....NOTHING is going to spoil this day!


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