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Finally some recognition


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Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to let you all know that after sending emails to all the media outlets I could think of, I received one response. Today I am featured in my local newspaper lamenting the fact that Lung Cancer Awareness month has been ignored. The response from the Australian Lung Foundation has me bemused to say the least. They quote, "we promoted Australian Lung Cancer Day on November9, followed by Global Lung Cancer Day on November 17. We distributed about 40 lung cancer resource kits to sites around Australia."

I would love to know how they promoted these days, because I never heard a thing. As for their resource kits, I am sure 40 of them just filled the stores, hospitals and wherever else they sent them across the country. Pathetic is the best word I can come up with for their effort. I just stated that no celebrity or major company puts their name to this cause and there was a pink month last month and absolutely nothing for November. I said lung cancer was the forgotten cancer with blame attached to the disease and how the first thing we get asked is if we smoked.

As an avid fan on the "The View" (we get it a day later here, lol) I wrote to Rosie O'Donnell at least 10 times just begging for a mention for our month. Well, she did it. I am in no way taking credit for her doing so, but 2 weeks ago we got a mention that it was Lung Cancer Awareness month. Better than nothing.

I will continue the crusade as best I can. The lung cancer survivor's book I am featured in over here is a start and I hope it gives people hope and makes them feel like they are not doomed.


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