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anemia and cancer

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Anemia is very common with Chemotherapy/ Sadly it is a common effect. It is usually treated with a Shot called Aranesp for Red blood cells. My dad uses teh same shot for anemia Diabetes related, and My late wife had many of them.

Red blood cell production is important for keeping the bodies Oxygen elevated. When these numbers drop, The patient becomes very fatigued. One solution is aranesp to boost Red Cells. The other is a transfusion to restore Red Cells and Platelets to produce Reds.

When a temperature spike occuras and a fever starts to present itself, You need to be alert for infections. White Blood cells are infection fighters for Immune system. When these get low a shot Of Neulasta is usually ordered to boost them. THis is very important because with out Immune system, even a cold can kill a patient.

sending prayers and thoughts tonite hope this helps!

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