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Mom, 40, Stage IIB


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I'm Mitchell, 24 from TN. I am the oldest of three brothers. My mom married our dad and had me when she was 16. We've always been so close in age, we're best friends really. People always ask if she's my sister!

My mom was diagnosed stage IIB with involvement in one lymph node. She had a lobectomy two weeks ago and is having a difficult time with pain and breathing in her recovery. Soon she'll be discussing adjuvant chemotherapy with her oncologist.

It's so scary. Are there any other long term survivors of IIB out there?

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Welcome aboard IIB is very survivable especially with surgery. Enjoy the time together and with Chemo should have many good years together. I have a friend who is/was IIB and has made 2 surgeries and 1 Chemo follow up. None after first surgery, I think that was what caused Recurrence. Shew is doing great right now.

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Hi Mitchell. Welcome. Wishing your Mom the best results! The surgery is tough, I know. It takes a while for those ribs etc to calm down. Glad to hear her Doc is planning chemo. That is tough too but it will really increase her chances of not getting it back again. You see microscopic cells could be there which the chemo could kill before they find a new nesting place and begin to multiply. Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Hi Mitchell,

I'm so sorry your family is going through this right now. You will see that there are many IIB survivors here and I'm sure your mom will be another.

Sounds like you and your mom have a great relationship and I'm sure you will be a tremendous help to her.

Please keep us posted.


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Hi Mitchell-

I want to provide some positive energy here as a stage IIa survivor of 4+ years. I had 2 lymph nodes involved. My surgery was 2/02 and at that time follow-up chemo was not recommended, so I didn't have it. I would jump at the chance to change that because research has shown that adjuvant chemo is very beneficial in preventing recurrence. The pain after surgery is VERY significant, but continues to abate each and every day. One thing that really helped me was to start a walking exercise program as soon as possible. My first baby steps were to the end of the driveway, but I went further every day. My heart goes out to your mom and all your family. Feel free to ask any questions.

My best,


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Hi Mitchell.

Congratulations for bringing our "Tiny" out of retirement.. She was one of my first customers at the pub! All of 'em seem to do well at the pub. Send your mom over for a coke, coffee, wine, beer, mixed drink..or whatever. You can come too even if you're not of age...

Your Mom has so much going for her, Mitchell. It is a frightening diagnosis, that is for sure. She has one difficult part of the journey behind her. She will get her strength back.

She is young, she has much to live for, she is healthy, yes? All these are in her favor. She has your support and love. How cool is that?

Listen honey... I am lllb and still kicking! 4years out now. Still a spitfire.

Just make sure she gets good nutrition, drinks lots of water. Did I mention drinking lots of water? Gets plenty of rest and as much exercise as she can handle. oh and lots of water. Prayers from anyone and everyone count.

I will be saying a few for her... how about that?

Starts out.. "dear Heavenly Father..."


Cindi o'h

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