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Mets in Spine


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My mom has mets in her spine that are causing the bone to chip off. Does anyone know anything about this? So, there is nothing else they can do? I know that no one can really predict this, but how much longer might she have? I am having a really hard time with all of this, but i am trying to stay tough.

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One of the main tumors Lucie had was on her upper spine. In fact, that is how the cancer was discovered because it was causing her left arm and hand to not function at full capacity.

She was treated with radiation on the tumor to diminish the pain and to prevent any further damage to the spine. It worked. She never had any further damage or loss of function and could walk and bathe herself through the whole ordeal.

She had to take 30mg morphine twice a day for the whole time because of the pain from the spinal damage. But she had a reasonable life.

I hope they can do something for your mom. Don

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It is never too late to get a second opinion. A large cancer center like M. D. Anderson in Houston may have a lot more experience with your mother’s cancer. I would at least call them and see what they say. There is always something that can be done.

Stay positive, :lol:


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So sorry to hear that your mom isn't doing so well right now. I'll be saying prayers. Dennis had cancer on his spine and I can tell you the pain was unbearable. Like Lucie Wood, Dennis had radiation as a tool for pain management and that did seem to give him some relief. I would get a second opinion and see what you find out.

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