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I am so happy!


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Mom had to go by ambulance to the ER yesterday. She's now in the ICU until at least Thursday a.m. Things seemed really, really bad. Turns out she was very anemic. She had very low blood pressure and her heart rate was all over the place - - at one point it got up to 170 bpm! That must have happened pretty fast because her vitals were normal as of Friday, 12/15!

She had a transfusion last night and she seems SOOOOO much better. Her face is pink again and she seems a bit more lively. We were all so relieved. My Dad cried, he was so happy! She still is quite weak, has a touch of pneumonia and can't walk too well, but whereas yesterday she said she wished God would just take her, today she was talking about Christmas and spending more time with her granddaughter.

What a scare - - things can change really fast! Thank God for modern medicine. A nice early Xmas present for us all to see such a quick turn-around!


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Jen, was your dad anemic too? Based on general internet info I read last night, it looks like the chemo can cause low RBC count, which can cause rapid heart rate and palpitations. So we're hoping it's more of a chemo problem than a cancer problem per se.

When I was watching my mom's monitor yesterday, the readings were so erratic - - it was bizarre to see the drastic fluctuation! I don't remember the names, but they gave her two different medications to try to control the heart problems.


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