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Hi everyone,

I have a question, My mother-in-law has small cell lung cancer and completed 30 radiation treamnets and 4 rounds of Chemo and is done for now, she finished Chemo Nov.29th and is waiting for a PET Scan, My question is: How long do they wait to do the PET Scan after chemo, The doctor is wanting to wait and says she needs to heal but everything is looking good so I cant see why he would want to wait..

Any reply's are welcomed. Thanks so much and may God bless everyone on this journey to recovery.


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Our oncologist told us that radiation keeps working for 4+ weeks after it is completed, so they may want to wait for that time span to elapse to see the full results. It does strike me odd that plans aren't in the works for a scan by now -- but I don't know for sure the protocol for SCLC.

Hope you get some answers soon. It is good that you are questioning and advocating for your MIL.



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I am so sorry about your mother in law. We were told that there is a ton of residue left over after radiation, and thus a scan wouldn't be clear enough to see anything. In addition, it is good to remember that the chemo is still working, even though it is over. We waited about a month...long month, hard to do...but worth it...we are in remission.

God bless,


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