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very tired


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Ralph or is it Rose,

My husband is exhausted most of the time. The dr. told him that not only is his radiation killing the big, bad cells it is also killing the good cells. Therefore, his body is working triple time to replace these good cells and this will make him extremely tired.

I think the same thing is very true for chemo. They said steroids could give him a boost, but they have lousey side effects. He decided just to be tired. It too shall come to pass.

Good luck to your mother.

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Ralph -

Maybe she needs to get started on some Procrit for low blood counts. Ask her doctor about it.

Otherwise, from my experience of having gone thru it myself - you need to help keep your mom mentally in check. This is a hell of a thing she's going thru. It's waaaaaaaaaay too easy to get major or minor depression about it, which manifests itself as tiredness very nicely.

And also, "the less you do, the less you'll feel like doing" - physically speaking.

So try to keep her spirits up - talk to her, but also have some days that AREN'T all about her cancer. Doing something "normal" is a real treat!

And try to get her doing some physical stuff - nothing major - a short walk to notice the coming of spring........and there WILL be days when she truly CAN'T do it.

Best of luck,


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thanks for your comments. It is just hard to watch someone who was once so full of life be so tired all the time. But she does have a good outlook on life and i'm hoping we can get through this. she had her 2nd round of chemo yesterday and next check up 4-21 we do a cat scan to see if the tumor on her lung has shrunk at all. So we are all keeping our fingers crossed. Thanks

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Ralphsrose, I think your mom should be encouraged to sleep whenever she feels like she needs to. I've always believed that sleep helps one's body to heal itself. I took lots of naps when I was undergoing chemo & radiation. I take walks now and generally am much more active, but, if someone had suggested some kind of physical activity back then, I would have punched them in the nose!!

Positive vibes to your mom (and you)! JudyB

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Guest dotmcniel

To: ralphsrose - I can certainly identify with your mother's fatigue - I, too, have these symptoms but they have been lessened by Procrit, B-12 injections and Feosol (iron). I have had to learn to pace myself - rest when needed, short walks when I'm feeling better. I am currently on a vacation from chemo because of toxicity but will shortly return for my cat scan and visit with doctor. Am participating in a clinical trial which am told has stabilized my tumor. My prayers are with your mom because this cancer experience is a major lifestyle change.

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Procrit really helped my husband. When he was really tired we just kept saying : WELL, THERE IS A WAR GOING ON AGAINST CANCER INSIDE! NO WONDER BILL IS SOOOO TIRED!

A side note to Dot - Can you tell us a little more about the Clinical Trial you are part of that is suppressing your cancer?

Blessings to you all,


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